System Projects Limited is a New Zealand Registered Company incorporated in July 1990 by a group of experienced and competent Process Design Engineers with strong practical abilities. Offices are located in Auckland and Hamilton.

SPL provide complete design, manufacture and installation services for all industries in the utilisation of stainless steel plant and equipment as well as providing expertise in Project Management, Process Consulting, Feasibility Studies, Equipment Sourcing and Budgeting.

SPL have the experience required to ensure the efficient integration of Process Equipment into new or existing plant incorporating Plant Automation and Electrical Services.

Experience gained by the principle members of SPL in System Design and Development over many years involvement in the Dairy Products Manufacturing Industry has established a practice of being involved ‘on the ground floor’ to ensure more satisfactory long term results for the Client.

  • Certified Pasteurisers and Sterilisers.
  • Feasibility Studies and New Food Product Commercialisation.
  • Casein and Caseinate Manufacturing.
  • Boutique Cheese Plants.
  • Ice Cream Production including Novelty Coating Systems such as Chocolate.
  • Mini Dairies for the Production of Pasteurised Milk and Cream.
  • Automatic and Semi-Automatic In-Place Cleaning Systems for Food Processing Plants.
  • Cereal and Grain Milling, Sifting and Dry Handling.